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European Society for Pigment Cell Research

European Society for Pigment Cell Research


The ESPCR WEB site was first established by Ghanem Ghanem and Renato Morandini in 1996, at the academic WEB server of Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium, and continued being served from there until 2006.

At the 13th ESPCR meeting in Barcelona (ESPCR 2006) Lluís Montoliu was commissioned to collaborate with Ghanem Ghanem for the ESPCR WEB matters and, in particular, to search for private WEB hosting providers in order to use and apply our own ESPCR domain (

In October 2006, the ESPCR WEB site moved to Veliris, and in November 2007 was automatically transferred to Masquewebs, a new company inheriting Veliris' customers. Finally, the ESPCR WEB site and domain were eventually transferred to Dinahosting, which is our current hosting provider.

 In July 2008 a new layout for the ESPCR WEB site, created by Lluís Montoliu, was released.

In January 2010, credit card payments were made directly available from the registration web form, in connection with a specific ESPCR account established in PayPal

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