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VETF Meeting Reports


Workshop/Meeting Location/Date
VGICC-WCD meeting Seoul, 24 May 2011
VETF -EADV meeting Paris, 19 Sept 2008
Worldwide perpectives in vitiligo XXth IPCC Sapporo, May 12, 2008

VETF Meeting in Honor of Yvon Gauthier

Bordeaux, 1st March 2008

Symposium on Vitiligo

Barcelona, ESPCR Meeting September 2006

Symposium on Vitiligo

XIXth IPCC Reston, September 23, 2005


VETF MEETING at the AAD (American Academy of dermatology) in Miami, FL, USA, March 2013



SVGICC-WCD meeting, Seoul, May 24, 2011

VGICC-WCD meeting



Pictures from the Symposium "Worldwide perspectives in vitiligo", Sapporo May 12, 2008


Raymond Boissy, Mauro Picardo, Alida DePase and Caroline Le Poole Worldwide perspectives in vitiligo Worldwide perspectives in vitiligo


Pictures from the VETF Meeting in Honor of Yvon Gauthier, Bordeaux, 1st March 2008


VETF Publications



Alain Taeb, Mauro Picardo, on behalf of the other VETF members.
The definition and assessment of vitiligo: a consensus report of the Vitiligo European Task Force.

PCR 20 (1), 27-35 (2007)
     (with permission from the PCR Editor)


VETF Visits


VETF visit at the Vitiligo clinic of the National Skin Center (Singapore) - July 2007



VETF Links


National Vitiligo Foundation USA


Vitiligo Society UK


ARIV (Associazione Italiana Ricerca e Informazione Vitiligine)


ASPAVIT (Spanish Association of Vitiligo Patients)


VSI (Vitiligo Support International, USA)


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