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The European Society for Pigment Cell Research (ESPCR) is a scientific society that was founded in Italy in 1985, and registered recently in Belgium, in 2009. It aims at the promotion of interdisciplinary knowledge and research on the pigmentary system, including both normal and pathological conditions. The Society provides the forum for interactive discussions by bringing together basic researchers and clinicians from various disciplines, including developmental biology, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, immunology, pharmacology and toxicology, chemistry and physics.

We are based in Europe but are not exclusively European. We have members from various countries outside Europe, and we will be delighted to welcome new members or enquiries from any country in the world.

The Society organizes annual scientific meetings in various European countries. Together with its sister societies from America (PASPCR), Japan (JSPCR) and Asia (ASPCR), the ESPCR forms the International Federation of Pigment Cell Societies (IFPCS), which organizes an International Pigment Cell Conference every third year.

To stimulate further exchange of information and collaboration, the Society publishes the ESPCR Bulletin, which covers information on current literature and publications within the pigment cell research fields. It also includes review articles, news from the Society, notices of forthcoming meetings, various announcements, and other current items.

We hope that you and/or your colleagues will be able to attend our meetings to discuss your work and interact with our members, and hopefully to join our Society.

The ESPCR has established a blog to publish information, announcements, job offers, news...

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