8 Dec 2013

Melanin Chemistry Views

M. d'Ischia

25 May 2013

Consensus PUBLICATION in Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research

Melanins and melanogenesis: methods, standards, protocols.

d'Ischia M, Wakamatsu K, Napolitano A, Briganti S, Garcia-Borron JC, Kovacs D, Meredith P, Pezzella A, Picardo M, Sarna T, Simon JD, Ito S.

Pigment Cell Melanoma Res. 2013 Sep;26(5):616-33.

25 May 2012

EUMELANET News, Melanins at EMRS-May 2012

M. d'Ischia

30 Sep 2011

Summary of the CS5 meeting at IPCC 2011

M. d'Ischia - S. Ito - JC. García-Borrón

21 Sep 2011

IPCC 2011: CS5: Chemistry of melanins: standardization workshop roundtable

HALL C - 14:30-16:00, Chairs: M. d'Ischia - S. Ito - J. Simon


C17 M. d'Ischia: "Methods in Melanin Research"

C18 S. Ito: "Evaluation of alkaline hydrogen peroxide oxidation to analyze eumelanin and pheomelanin"

20 Sep 2011

IPCC 2011 - Eumelanet Workshop: Standardization of melanin chemistry

Room D-13:00-17:00, Chairs: M. d'Ischia - S. Ito - K. Wakamatsu

16 Feb 2011

XXIth IPCC Newsletter: an overview of Prof. Marco d'Ischia and melanins-EuMelanet

12 Feb 2011

Prof. Marco d'Ischia will be awarded the H.S. Raper Medal at the XXIth IPCC in Bordeaux

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