Researchers belonging to both basic and applied research laboratories and institutions may apply for formal participation in the activities of EuMelaNet. Applicants should provide CVs of proposed members, and should sign a formal Agreement form in which they clearly state their acceptance in full of the terms and conditions set out in the Agreement (see Membership).
Application for membership shall be granted subject to formal approval by EuMelaNet members. EuMelaNet will be open to any organisation within Europe whose main mission is to conduct basic or applied research or technological development in fields and disciplines allied to melanins and melanogenesis.


EuMelaNet Agreement form for Application

Herewith, as current ESPCR Member, I wish to apply for Membership of the European Network for Melanin Research (EuMelaNet), and in so doing I confirm acceptance in full of the aims, terms and general conditions governing the organisation of EuMelaNet.

In particular:

I shall make efforts to promote melanin research in pursuit of the aims and scope of the Network

I am prepared to share with Network members scientific information, technical assistance, and/or reference compounds or materials that may be relevant in pursuance of the Network objectives, and according to the Network agreements.

* Surname and Name
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My proposed role within the Network will be (indicate at least two specific keywords for competence, services, etc.):

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