A message from Prof. Dorothy BENNETT,

the new ESPCR President


Dear Friends and Colleagues of the ESPCR,

It was very pleasant to see so many of you again at the recent Ulm meeting, although quite a surprise, at short notice, to be arriving there as the incoming president. Those of you who were not there may be interested to know that you also elected Prof. José-Carlos García-Borrón (Murcia, Spain) as Secretary, and Dr Lionel Larue (Orsay, France) as Treasurer.

Many thanks to everyone for your continuing support of the ESPCR. I think the three pigment cell societies of the IFPCS have a terrific amount to offer members. The "pigment cell community" is such a co-operative and friendly group. These have become my favourite meetings, where I have made many friends, learned much useful information, and set up many a valuable collaboration. Many of you have probably had similar experiences and we owe a great deal to the ESPCR’s founders, in particular Prof. Giuseppe Prota, its first President from 1985.

We are also indebted to all those who have kept it going over the years. Warmest thanks and acknowledgements to the outgoing Officers, Professors Stan Pavel, Sheila Mac Neil and Ralf Peter, for all of their work over the past three years. They have done much in this period to improve the workings of the Society and make it more transparent and simple. All of them remain on the Council. Thanks too (once again) to Ralf Peter, Peter Kaskel and all of their team for setting up such a successful meeting at Ulm. This is also a rare opportunity to acknowledge and thank Professor Ghanem Ghanem, who so competently and successfully produces this Bulletin and manages our Web pages. When you look at those pages, I know Ghanem will be delighted to receive any comments you may have.

For the future, I hope you will all continue to support the ESPCR for many years (invitations to renew your subscription will be arriving shortly); and perhaps you will consider encouraging other colleagues in the field to join this Society, if they are not yet members. The more first-rate scientists (of all ages) who join in and attend the meetings, the more valuable it becomes for all of us. Our student subscription rate is excellent value at 25 EUR, and all younger members are eligible to apply for ESPCR travel grants. Prof Mauro Picardo has an exciting program lined up for you for September 2001 in Rome and, as you probably know, the ESPCR is host for the joint International Pigment Cell Congress in 2002, with Prof Pavel as principal organizer. It is also a great pleasure to announce here that our 2003 meeting will be organized by Prof Jean-Marie Naeyaert in Gent.

If there is anything you would like to know, any comments or suggestions you would like to make about the ESPCR, or any way in which you can offer to help, please do not hesitate to contact me, or any of the members of Council, whose names are in the Web pages. We will always value and welcome input from members.

Looking forward to seeing you in Rome

Dot Bennett