ESPCR Bulletin back issues (Discussion sections)



Dec 03

47: p1232 A message from Prof. J-C Garcia-Borron, new ESPCR President
47: p1233 A message from Prof. D. Bennett, President of the IFPCS, to members of the ESPCR, JSPCR and PASPCR

Aug 03

46: p1261 ESPCR GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Sep10, 2002. Egmond aan Zee, NL

Apr 03

45: p1231 IN MEMORIAM GIUSEPPE PROTA (1938-2003)

Dec 02

44: p1230 A message from the President of the IFPCS, Prof. DC Bennett
44: p1232 ESPCR GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Sep10, 2002. Egmond aan Zee, NL

Aug 02

Adapted & summarized by Prof. DC Bennett

Apr 02

42: p1168 Animal Models: Let's talk pigs. by Dr. Lynn Lamoreux
42: p1192 A Letter from the IFPCS President, Prof. S. Ito
Dec 01 41: p1136 Meeting Report : 10th Meeting of the ESPCR 26-29 Sept 2001, Rome, Italy
Aug 01 40: p1114 Meeting Report : International Symposium  on Photoprotection :
by Dr J. Borovansky
Apr 01 39: p1084 ESPCR General Assembly : 9th Meeting of the ESPCR 27 Sep-1 Oct 2000, Ulm, Germany
39: p1087 Minutes of the 9th Annual ESPCR Council Meetings, Ulm
Dec 00 38: p1059 A message from Prof. Dorothy BENNETT, the new ESPCR President
38: p1060 A Letter from the IFPCS President to the ESPCR members
Aug 00 37: p1042 Highlights: Large deletions of chromosome 9p in cutaneous malignant melanoma identify patients with a high risk of developing metastases. S. Puig et al.
Apr 00 36: p1008 Meeting Report: XVIIth IPCC and Satellite Meetings
Dec 99 35: p985 Letter from the IFPCS President to the ESPCR members
Aug 99 34: p965 Debate: Are we really dying for a tan ?
Apr 99 33: p934 Meeting Report: 8th annual Meeting of the PASPCR, Snowmass, CO, USA
Dec 98 32: p904 Bengt Larsson (1942-1998): by P. Riley
32: p905 Bengt Larsson: A Tribute to a Friend: by G. Prota
32: p906 Meeting Report: 8th Meeting of the ESPCR, Prague by Dr S. Mac Neil
Aug 98 31: p884 Meeting Report: Iris Pigment Epithelium (IPE) Transplantation
Fort Lauderdale, FL. 12 May 1998 by Dr. Dan-Ning Hu
Apr 98 30: p857 Meeting Report: 12th JSPCR Meeting 6-7 December 1997, Chiba, Japan by Dr. Jiro Matsumoto
Dec 97 29: p826 Meeting Report: ESPCR 7th Meeting 9-10 October 1997, Bordeaux, France by Dr. Sheila Mac Neil
Aug 97 28: p802 Meeting Report: VIIth Annual Meeting of the PASPCR
June 15-18, 1997, Providence, RI, USA
Overview / Summary - Walter Quevedo
Apr 97 27: p772 Report on 16th International Pigment Cell Conference
29 Oct-3 Nov 1996 Anaheim, California
Transmitted by V. Hearing
Nov 96 26: p742 Meeting Report: Throughts from Disneyland, 16th International Pigment Cell Conference, 29 Oct-3 Nov. 1996 Anaheim, California by Sheila Mac Neil
June 96 25: p710 Review: Zinc in pigmented cells and structures, interactions and possible roles by Jan Borovansky
Feb 96 24: p680 Awarded at the 6th Meeting of the ESPCR (Lausanne, Switzerland) Oct. 1995:
- The Golden Melanocyte Award: Melanin pigmentation plays an essential role in protecting the skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) by P. Valverde, E. Healy, I. Jackson, J.L. Rees, A.J. Thody
24: p682 - The Silver Melanocyte Award: Expression of apoptosis related antigens in cultured melanocytes by RMJGJ van den Wijngaard, J Aten, A Scheepmaker, IC Le Poole, W Westerhof, PK Das
24: p684 - The Bronze Melanocyte Award: Comparison of attachment of human ocular melanocytes and melanoma cells to extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins by M. Wagner, I.G. Rennie, S. MacNeil
Oct 95 23: p642 Discussion: Has melanin a photoprotective role ?
by Paolo U. Giacomoni
June 95 22: p612 Discussion 1: Myosin V: a motor protein involved in the regulation of dendrite formation and melanosome transport in the melanocyte ? by Lambert J., Naeyaert J.-M.
22: p614 Discussion 2: A new approach for the understanding of melanocytes: stereological quantification of melanization by image analysis by Donois E., Surlève-Bazeille J.-E.
22: p617 Discussion 3: Serum S100: a new tumor marker in metastatic malignant melanoma by Stoffel-Wagner B., Bei Guo H., Bierwirth T., Mezger J, Klingmüller D.
Feb 95 21: p582 Retirement of Prof. Giuseppe Prota from the Presidency of the ESPCR: The end of an era
21: p585 Discussion: The reconstruction of the epidermis with melanocytes EX VIVO by Bessou S., Taïeb A.
Nov 94 20: p539 Discussion: Current surgical management of limb malignant melanoma by Lingam MK, Mc Kay AJ.
May 94 19: p495 Discussion: Vitiligo by M. Picardo
Dec 93 18: p457 Discussion: Neuromelanin: Past, Present, Future by M. Miranda
18: p462 Commentaries:
-Fluorescence and time resolved photoacoustics of the photoprotective pigment pheomelanin by L. Brancaleon, P.R. Crippa, C. Viappiani
18: p462 -Dynamic and light scattering studies on melanin aggregation by L. Brancaleon, M.G. Bridelli, S. Losi, A. Vecli
June 93 Special Issue
Survey of Current Pigment Cell Research in Europe 1990-1992
Jan 93 17: p408 Discussion: Alkylating melanotropin fragment analogs by Helga Süli-Vargha
Sept 92 16: p359 Review: Oxidative metabolism of tyrosine in insects by  Martin G. Peter
May 92 15: p316 Discussion: Materia melanica: a pigmented perception by Riley P.A.
Mar 92 14: p288 Discussion: Melanin-related metabolites as melanoma markers by Shoshuke Ito
Oct 91 13: p223 Meeting Report: C.R.C.-B.A.C.R.-A.I.C.R. International workshop melanogenesis: its chemistry as a therapeutic  strategy in melanoma by E.J. Land
13: p229 Review: Melanin affinity of toxic and carcinogenic substances by B.S. Larsson and N.G. Lindquist
Apr 91 12: p188 Review: Molecular biology of melanogenic proteins by V.J. Hearing
12: p196 Commentary: Pigment Cell Research: Editor's Report by J.T. Bagnara
Dec 90 11: p139 Discussion: Post-tyrosinase regulators of melanin synthesis ten years after by F. Solano et al
11: p143 Short communications:
-Tumor associated genes in Xiphophorus -Inheritance and expression of x-erbB*, x-erbB, x-pdgf-r and x-erbA by C. Zechel et al
11: p144 -ErbB*a, an "ignition system" of the xiphophorine melanoma machinery by F. Anders et al
11: p145 Review: Pigment cell research in Australasia by P. Parsons
Aug 90 10: p88 Reviews:
-Targeted radiotherapy for malignant melanomas
10: p94 -Estrogens and growth of malignant melanoma by MK Jacobsohn and GM Jacobsohn
10: p96 Discussion: Analysis of cancer early processes initiation  in Xiphophorus melanoma model by A. Anders, F. Anders, C. Zechel, U. Schleenbecker, A. Smith
10: p98 Letter to the Editor: Commentary by M. Schartl
May 90 9: p1 Message from the President
9: p3 Review: Is skin color expression of racial differences in skin function by E. Berardesca and HI. Maibach
9: p6 Short Communication: Tyrosinase in rat liver and brain by SF. Turan and R. Pietruszko
9: p10 Commentary by C. Zechel et al
Dec 89 8: p1 Review: The glutamate-dopamine dual radical connection to neuromelanin by J. McGinness
8: p5 Discussion: Melanocyte-specific catalase as positive regulators of melanogenesis by R. Halaban and G. Moellman
Sep 89 Special Issue
p: 5
Second Meeting of the ESPCR, Uppsala, June 18-21, 1989
Aug 89 7: p1 Review: Melanophore regulating effects of the melanin-concentrating hormone by BI. Baker
7: p6 Short Communication: Melanoma-associated gangliosides in Xiphophorus by B. Felding-Habermann et al.
Apr 89 6: p1 Letter to the Editor: Calmodulin and pigmentation by S. Mac Neil et al.
6: p5 Discussion: Quantitative erythema and melanin measurements in the skin by W. Westerhof
6: p9 Short communication: Melanoma-associated antigens in Xiphophorus by G. Clauss et al.
Dec 88 5: p1 Commentary: Heterodimeric protein CD11c positive cells infiltrating melanoma by G. De Panfilis
5: p3 Discussion: Switch from normal to neoplasic state in Xiphophorus by C. Zechel et al.
Aug 88 4: p2 Letter of the Editor: Pulsed irradiation studies of unstable intermediates of melanin pigment formation by E.J. Land
4: p6 Improving the melanin formation assay for mammalian tyrosinase by JR Jara, F. Solano, JA. Lozano
4: p7 Commentary: Color and paramagnetism of eumelanins
Apr 88 3: p2 MSH and its pigmentary role in mammals by AJ. Thody and SA. Burchill
Nov 87 2: p1 Letter of the Editor: Prof. FJ. Lejeune
Mar 87 1: p1-3 The ESPCR is born !
A foreword by Giuseppe Prota, President
1: p6 Letter to the Editor: The EORTC Melanoma Group Exchange Programme: a multicentric monoclonal antibody study by S. Carrel