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New ESPCR Bulletin published (n. 63, April 2009)

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
ESPCR Bulletin number 63 (April 2009)
ESPCR Bulletin number 63 (April 2009)

A new issue of the ESPCR Bulletin (number 63, April 2009) has been published. This ESPCR Bulletin can be browsed through the members-only section. ESPCR Members will require a valid username and password to access.

New ESPCR bulletin has been published

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

Dear Colleague,

1. The new bulletin (Number 62, dec 2008) is now ready and available for you to see and download from the web site at the Bulletin section (contents available through members-only area):

- Milestone in the life of European Pigment Cell Community, A historical Note by Professor Jan Borovanský
- The new ESPCR website (, by Lluís Montoliu (ESPCR webmaster)
- Review of the Literature
- Calendar of Events
- FEBS meeting in Prague with ESPCR participation
- Welcome to 6 New Members

2. Next ESPCR Meeting in Münster, Germany (sep 20-23, 2009)
         (Markus Böhm)

3. XVIth ESPCR Meeting in Bath, UK (sep 2010)
         (Robert Kelsh)

4. Next IPCC in Bordeaux, France (sep 21–24, 2011)
         (Alain Taïeb)

5. XVIIth ESPCR Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland (sep 2012)
         (Bernhard Wehrle-Haller)

I wish you a Peaceful, Happy and Prosperous 2009.
G. Ghanem, ESPCR Bulletin Editor

The ESPCR Bulletin is available from the ESPCR WEB site

Thursday, August 7th, 2008
ESPCR bulletin
ESPCR bulletin

The ESPCR bulletin is now directly available from the new ESPCR WEB site. Access to the full contents of the last three years (2006-2008) is restricted to ESPCR Members. Previous ESPCR bulletins and related material are freely available to all visitors. If you have any suggestion, comment or contribution you would like to communicate to the Editor of the ESPCR bulletin please use its dedicated email address.