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Melanins and Melanosomes, edited by J. Borovansky and P.A. Riley, Wiley-2011.

Saturday, July 9th, 2011
Melanins and Melanomes, Borovansky & Riley (eds.), Wiley 2011

Melanins and Melanomes, Borovansky & Riley (eds.), Wiley 2011

A new book has been published on Pigment Cell Biology. The book is entitled “Melanins and Melanosomes: Biosynthesis, Biogenesis, Physiological, and Pathological Functions“, has been edited by Jan Borovansky and Patrick A. Riley, and published by Wiley (2011). Both Patrick Riley and Jan Borovanskly are ESPCR Honorary members. The chapters have been prepared by world-known experts in the field of Pigment Cell Biology, most of them are members of the IFPCS, through any of its affiliated sister societies.

Table of contents:

  • Chapter 1: History of Melanosome Research (Jan Borovansky).
  • Chapter 2: Classical and Nonclassical Melanocytes in Vertebrates (Sophie Colombo, Irina Berlin, Veronique Delmas, and Lionel Larue).
  • Chapter 3: Biological Chemistry of o-Quinones (Patrick A. Riley, Christopher A. Ramsden, and Edward J. Land).
  • Chapter 4: Biosynthesis of Melanins (Jose Carlos Garcia-Borron and M. Concepcion Olivares Sanchez).
  • Chapter 5: Inhibitors and Enhancers of Melanogenesis (Alain Taieb, Muriel Cario-Andre, Stefania Briganti, and Mauro Picardo).
  • Chapter 6: Structure of Melanins (Shosuke Ito, Kazumasa Wakamatsu, Marco d’Ischia, Alessandra Napolitano, and Alessandro Pezzella).
  • Chapter 7: Properties and Functions of Ocular Melanins and Melanosomes (Małgorzata Rozanowska).
  • Chapter 8: Biological Role of Neuromelanin in the Human Brain and Its Importance in Parkinson’s Disease (Kay L. Double, Wakako Maruyama, Makoko Naoi, Manfred Gerlach, and Peter Riederer).
  • Chapter 9: Biogenesis of Melanosomes (Cedric Delevoye, Francesca Giordano, Michael S. Marks, and Graca Raposo).
  • Chapter 10: Transport and Distribution of Melanosomes (Mireille Van Gele and Jo Lambert).
  • Chapter 11: Genetics of Melanosome Structure and Function (Vincent J. Hearing).
  • Chapter 12: Physiological and Pathological Functions of Melanosomes (Jan Borovansky and Patrick A. Riley).
  • Chapter 13: Dysplastic Nevi as Precursor Melanoma Lesions (Stanislav Pavel, Nico P.M. Smit, and Karel Pizinger).

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Book published on “Vitiligo”, edited by Mauro Picardo and Alain Taïeb

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
Vitiligo Book, Edited by Mauro Picardo and Alain Taïeb

Vitiligo Book, Edited by Mauro Picardo and Alain Taïeb

A new book on “Vitiligo” has been just published by Springer, 2010. The book is edited by Prof. Mauro Picardo (Vice-President of IFPCS and former President of ESPCR) and Prof. Alain Taïeb (Secretary of ESPCR and member of the IFPCS council). Most of the authors responsible for the different book chapters are also IFPCS members.
Extracted from Springer’s web page: “Vitiligo is one of the most common cutaneous disorders. Great numbers of affected patients suffer from the high stigmatizing impact of this disease. Up to now, clinical guidelines for the treatment of vitiligo were non-existent. In order to fill this void, this textbook defines and gives a complete overview of the disease, both regarding the classification of differential diagnosis as well as the treatment. Written by the most authoritative experts in the field, all therapy recommendations are based on new evidence-based guidelines. It includes case studies with illustrations before and after the treatment in order to demonstrate the treatment success. This textbook will be a valuable resource for all physicians who are seeing patients with this disease“.

Table of Contents:

Section I: Defining the Disease.- Section II: Understanding the Disease.- Pathophysiology Overview.- Generalized Vitiligo.- Genetic.- Environmental Factors.- In Vivo Data.- Animal Model.- In Vitro Approaches.- Oxidative Stress.- Immune/Inflammatory Aspects.- Cytokines and Growth Factors.- Proopiomelanochortin and Related Hormones in Vitiligo.- Segmental Vitiligo.- The Concept of Mosaicism Applied to SV.- Neural Hypothesis.- In Vivo Data.- In Vitro Data.- Editor’s Synthesis.- Section III: Therapy.- How to Manage the Patients: Overview.- Evidence Based Medicine.- Phototherapies.- Local Treatments.- Systemic Treatments.- Non Defined Treatments.- Surgical Therapies and Combined Therapies.- Camouflage: Practical Aspects.- Patient’s Perspective.- Editor’s Syntesis.- Conclusions.- Appendix.- Treatment Regimen (Phototherapies): Pratical Aspects.- Techinques for Grafting.- Index