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The ESPCR is born! (March 1987)

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010
First ESPCR Bulletin published (nº 1) March 1987

First ESPCR Bulletin published (nº 1) March 1987

The ESPCR is born!. These were the very first words found in the first ESPCR bulletin, published in March 1987. The ESPCR Bulletin Editor was, at the time, Prof. F. Lejeune (Brussels). Since then, 66 issues have been published, 65 normal issues and 1 special issue, published in June 1993. All these issues are now available from the ESPCR web site. Only the issues corresponding to the last three years have restricted access to members, protected by username/password. These parameters can be requested by ESPCR members very easily, from the ESPCR web site too.

Now, thanks to a tremendous effort made by Ghanem Ghanem, current ESPCR Editor, who took the initiative to transform all previous files in scanned PDF documents, we could all enjoy all these ESPCR bulletins, electronically, easily, directly downloading them from the ESPCR web site, at the Bulletin Section.

Many thanks Ghanem!. The ESPCR is most grateful for all your continuous and generous dedication as Editor of the ESPCR Bulletin.