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2010 ESPCR Membership, new payment format

Friday, December 4th, 2009


The new ESPCR Society, “ESPCR AISBL“, has just established a brand new bank account where we will be processing all your membership payment requests. However, at the moment, unfortunately, we can’t accept payments by credit card. We will try to have this option operative as soon as possible. Therefore, currently, ESPCR AISBL can only accept payments by Bank Wire Transfer or by Cheque.

Payment through BANK WIRE TRANSFER using IBAN and BIC bank account codes is the preferred form of payment. Payment by Bank Wire Transfer is not surcharged. Payment by Cheque is surcharged with 15 Euros.

Deadline for receiving your application for 2010 ESPCR Membership is December 31st, 2009. We have established this early deadline to fulfill our compromises with the Publisher of PCMR, the scientitic journal associated to IFPCS, where ESPCR is part of the Federation. Please proceed to apply for 2010 ESPCR Membership following the provided indications in this web site.

If you have any question, please contact the ESPCR Treasurer by email: