European Society for Pigment Cell Research
European Society for Pigment Cell Research

Invited and keynote speakers: A large number of specialists in the fields of melanocyte development, hyper or hypo-pigmentation disorders, melanin structure, keratinocyte function, immune system of the skin and melanoma will be present to discuss and present the latest scientific development, as well as providing feedback.


Posters: In addition to regular poster sessions, about 30 to 40% of all poster presenters will have the possibility to present their poster topic in a 5 minute presentation (3 slides).

Overall meeting organization: The meeting will take place during three days, allowing also time for uniting special interest groups.

Meeting site: The conference will take place in the lecture halls of the Centre Médical Universitaire, belonging to the Medical School of the University of Geneva, located next to the University Hospital, close to the old-town, shopping streets and lakeside promenades.

17th ESPCR Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 11-13 September 2012